April 16, 2021

Chicago's Premier Cybersecurity Education Conference

Conference: 8 am - 5 pm CSTReception: 5 pm - 6 pm CST



A dynamic and growing number of organizations have contributed to the success of this conference, including AccessData, Argonne National Laboratory, Authentify, the Chicago Police Department, Cisco, CompTIA, Computer Associates, the FBI, Fermilab, Fortinet, Guidance Software, IBM, IEEE, KPMG, Microsoft, Motorola, Sungard, UniForum, X-Ways Forensics, and many others. Speakers and participants continue to represent local, regional, national, and international organizations and universities.


This conference aims to be a source for researchers, university academics, computing professionals, and upper-level students interested in the techniques, laws, and training initiatives currently being implemented and adapted for secure computing.

The United States Department of Homeland Security and the National Security Agency have designated Illinois Institute of Technology (Illinois Tech) as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education. The university’s Center for Cyber Security and Forensics Education (C2SAFE) is at the core of Illinois Tech’s designation.

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Meet the Industry Speakers



S. Raschid Muller

2020 Brookings Institution LEGIS Congressional Fellow
United States Congress

Subject Matter:
The Cyber landscape of the US Critical Infrastructures


Dr. Oteng Tabona

Lecturer in Cybersecurity
Botswana International University of Science and Technology

Subject Matter:
Intelligence Sharing as a Situational Awareness for Big Data Forensics


Pedro Taveras N.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder


Ronnie Kurlander

Executive Advisor, CIO
Hartman Executive Advisors

Subject Matter:
Data Privacy, Information Security and the Digital Experience of Smarter Communities


Maurice Dawson

Director, C2SAFE
Illinois Institute of Technology

Subject Matter:
An Overview of the Cybersecurity Profession

Speaker Sessions

An Overview of the Cybersecurity Profession

Maurice Dawson Jr., Ph.D., D.CS., SMIEEE, CSSLP, CGEIT, CCISO, CDPSE
Director of IIT Center for Cyber Security and Forensics Education (C2SAFE)
Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Management
Illinois Institute of Technology

A Discussion of Packet Filtering Firewalls and its Vulnerabilities

Rwitika Chakraborty
Computer Science student
Illinois Institute of Technology

Adaptive Third Party Assessment

Bonnie Goins
Illinois Institute of Technology

Cybersecurity Demand and Employment Avenues

David Anderson
Triton College

Cybersecurity: Protect Your Factory AND Save Technology Costs

Dr Sudesh Kannan
University of Maryland Global Campus
Ron Searle
Founder/President of PCS International

Data In-security: Data Privacy, Information Security and the Digital Experience of Smarter Communities

Ronnie Kurlander
Hartman Executive Advisors

Distributed Mesh Networking – A Backup Plan if the Internet stops Working

Illinois Institute of Technology Students
Travis Smith KD9NZT (manager)
Cooper Van Kampen K9CVK
William Gaylord KD9KCK
Faculty Advisor – Billy Pappademetriou

How Secure Is Your “e2e-encrypted” Messaging?

Francisco Ruiz
Associate Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Illinois Institute of Technology

Improving Cyber Resilience by Leveraging Data and Reducing Human Risk

Harpreet Sidhu and Shelby Flora
Accenture Security

Intelligence Sharing as a Situational Awareness for Big Data Forensics

Oteng Tabona
Botswana International University of Science and Technology

Mitigating Security Issues in Blockchain Smart Contracts

Yue Duan
Illinois Institute of Technology

Present and Future of Application Security

Dr Sudesh Kannan
University of Maryland Global Campus
Ethan Wilder, M.S. CISSP
Manager of the application security team in a large insurance company

Real Red Teams are Blue

Wesley Phillips
Defense Counterintelligence Security Agency/Professional Certifications and Consulting Services

The Army Software Factory

U.​S.​ Army Major Jason Zuniga / Major Vito Errico
U.​S.​ Army Futures Command

The Cyber Landscape of the US Critical Infrastructures

Dr. S. Raschid Muller, MBA
Brookings Fellow (LEGIS) – 2020 Strategic Outreach & Talent Acquisition Division (SOTAD) Defense Information Systems Agency

The Ransomware Paradigm: Cybercrime Underground Meets Cryptography

Pranshu Bajpai
Motorola Solutions

U.S. Army Futures Command Talent Management Process

Ms. Katharine Kelley
Chief of Human Capital
Army Futures Command (AFC)

Weapon of Mass Destruction: A Look at the Ransomware Pandemic

CW4 Fernando C. Tomlinson
Senior Technical Advisor, Army Cyber Command

Additional Topics

Additional Topics:
· Cybersecurity and forensics
· Ransomware, malware, data breaches, identity theft, and cyber threats and trends
· Ethical hacking and pen testing
· Compliance, privacy, cyber security legislation, and legal issues
· Cyber warfare and cybercrime
· Cybersecurity and Internet of Things (IoT)
· And more!

Job Fair Participants

Coeur Mining
Idaho National Laboratory
Illinois Department of Children and Family Services
Mosyle Corporation
U.​S.​ Army

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Join the more than 200 students and practitioners who attend this fun-filled technical conference each year. This is a multitrack, industry-focused event that includes discussion on forensics, security, data/information governance, cybercrime and security, cybersecurity legislation, ethical hacking, cloud forensics, steganography, policy and compliance, identity theft, and more.


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Maurice Dawson

Cybersecurity During the Rise of Working from Home

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